Here are some tips and suggestions to make your first travel to the cold desert of India, the best one.

Ladakh, The land of high passes. The dream of every traveller.

The beauty it holds cannot be described in words. But still, here I am trying to put into words its magnificent artistry in phrases. Go through any bucket list and you will find Ladakh in it because as I already said it’s a dream. Think of Ladakh and the first words that come to mind are thrill and adventure. No other place can give that adrenaline rush to oneself. Personally visiting Ladakh for the first time was a big unexpected hit. Once you enter the territory of Ladakh the changes that occur slowly just get you in the right ways.

The disappearance of greenery, change of vegetation and the cherry on the top obviously, the hued mountains that have their beautiful red, blue, yellow and green shades due to the amount of minerals present in it makes you feel like you are on your way to an absolute heaven. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or visiting after several times. The allure of Ladakh will never fail to surprise you.

Yet the exploration feeling that you have while laying eyes on the scenery of Ladakh that is beyond this world blasts the senses leaving you speechless and fascinated. The moment when you realize that you are standing in a place which holds several unique experiences along with historical and religious values is the time when you want to get lost in the rough trails and clear skies of Ladakh. The feeling is immaculate.

Previously visiting Ladakh was a great challenge among travelers due to various road conditions including terrifying water crossings and heavy sand-filled areas. But now the mysterious and unknown yet captivating Ladakh is made accessible for travellers as most of the challenging roads are being constructed to connect the remote villages. Ladakh lies between India and China thus faces time to time, you will witness the presence of the Indian army after a certain distance in almost every part of the territory.

Highlights of Ladakh :

  • The total area Ladakh covers is approximately 87,000 km2
  • Ladakh inhabits the magnificent Tibetan heritage to its core which allows the visitors to lay eyes on beautiful ancient Buddhist monasteries and much more.
  • The land of high passes surely offers the riders a complete thrill by giving access to some highest motorable roads i.e. a complete offbeat experience.
  • The diverse vegetation of Ladakh can never leave you bored. The hued mountains to blue skies along with clear lakes are all a treat to the eyes.

Things to take care of :

  • Ladakh being at a very high altitude makes it a little difficult for the visitors to adjust to its climate which will result in short breath and headaches followed by nausea. So remember to keep drinking water to avoid dehydration and spend less time at passes.
  • Do not plan anything for the first day and spend your day by taking a rest in a hotel to help your body acclimatise accordingly.
  • The second day should also be limited to local sightseeing which may include the beautiful markets of Ladakh and the famous Mall Road.
  • Remember to arrange the pass-ability permits before travelling in Ladakh for tourist places like Pangong Lake and all the high passes ( Khardung la and Umling la ) along with check posts.
  • Keep in mind that the allowance for permits is highly dependent upon the weather conditions.

Best Suggestions to have a Great Time in Ladakh :

Ladakh is one of the hidden gems of India and it is surely an unforgettable experience for the ones who dare to conquer its crazy terrains and rocky paths. From its extreme weather conditions to its magnificent monasteries, it will test its visitors to every extent but in the end, it’s all worth it. Laying eyes on the beauty that feels out of this world will surely fill you up with excitement and adventure.

But as they say, a direction is most important if you want to have every enjoyment. Here are a few tips which can help you to explore the serenity in more organised and creative ways:

Mall Road Of Ladhak
  • The Mall Road

Explore the Mall Road of Ladakh as it gives immense views of Tibetan culture and you can lay hands on some beautiful handmade crafts as a token of memories.

Leh Palace
  • Leh Palace

Visit the Royal Leh Palace if you want to look into the rich past of Ladakh. The Palace resides high up on a hill providing everyone a great view of Ladakh. The Leh Palace opens every day between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Pangong Tso
  • Pangong Tso

Enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Lake Pangong Tso. Situated at a height of 4,300 metres on the Changtan Plateau, it is one of the highest-residing saltwater lakes. The beautiful blue-coloured water lake with the background of rocky mountains is a must-stop for every traveller. If you’re thinking that the lake is a most mesmerising thing ( which it is) wait till you experience the journey having different shades of mountains and the most thrilling roads, Pangong Tso is a dream.

Important: the journey from Leh to Pangong takes about 4-5 hours which allows the travellers to spend the night near the lake to

see the dreamy sunset and sunrise of Ladakh.

Nubra Valley
  • Nubra Valley

Spend the day satisfying your historical knowledge at Nubra Valley. Situated in the north- east of Ladakh, the Nubra Valleys having a drastic change of terrain is a feast for travellers who crave thrill and adventure. Inhabiting dunes and ancient monasteries like the famous Diskit Monastery it can curb your cultural appetite along with the most unforgettable experience. You will find the famous two-humped camels in the valley which will make you explore the beautiful landscape or you can go for jeeps too. But the folks who are crazy enough also opt for trekking their way in while visiting the villages and temples in the valley. If you’re visiting Nubra, it is important to spend a night there.

Monasteries of Ladakh
  • Monasteries of Ladakh

You cannot talk about Ladakh and forget to remember its magnificent Monasteries. Giving you a whole Tibetan feel, visiting monasteries is an important part of Ladakh. The peace and tranquillity found there is indescribable.   Some famous monasteries: are Thiksey Monastery, Hemis Gompa, Diskit Monastery, Hanle Monastery and many more.

Magnetic Hill
  • Magnetic Hill

Witness the unusual phenomenon of Magnetic Hill. It is just the perfect place for folks who are looking forward to experiencing something different and have a very curious mind. The magical pull on the uphill has a few reasons for the phenomenon. The optical illusion of the roll of objects including cars or the pull of the magnetic field, whatever the reason is only one way to find out is to go there and park your vehicle on the yellow box and watch the magic.


So don’t think twice and gather your group or if you want then travel alone and pack your bags and take that trip to LADAKH because you won’t get the chance of touring these rough routes again.